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At Lite-Works we supply audio and lighting systems production for any event requiring audio re- enforcement and/or stage or temporary lighting.  And we are specialising in providing sound systems for live bands and corporate entertainment, often being called in to supplement a client’s conference system  for the after show party.  Audio Systems Hire: The core of our Business is PA systems hire, we all have a passion for providing quality audio reproduction/reinforcement...  Read more Corporate Entertainment: Having a love of live music we are always pleased to work with the live entertainment aspects of our clients events.... Read more Lighting: Our Lighting design, production and hire department offers experience creating and installing bespoke lighting packages for a variety of tasks: From projecting a corporate logo or message, to lighting the set in your corporate colours.... Read more Power: We stock a range of Rubberbox IP rated mains distribution boxes, single and three phase.  Able to provide temporary power across marques, temporary venues and structures.... Read more Technical Services: We provide our services as technical crew working with the client’s audio and lighting equipment.... Read more AV, Set and Staging: For a more complete production package we are able to offer staging, video projection, screens... Read more